Stronger and more durable, optically more brilliant and at the same time ecologically more sustainable: PTFE-coating systems from GREBLON® C. With improved formulation they demonstrate a completely new coating quality on all kinds of cookware. In use they enhance comfort and urability, optically they really provide a more brilliant surface design and for production they create clear advantages in the application process. At the same time, they’re not only guaranteed to be PFOA free (since 2008) but are now also APEO free. A completely logical stage of development for more ecological sustainability.

Extensive physical tests verify the good result. For example, with its improved formulation the ceramic reinforced three coat system GREBLON® C3+ also demonstrates its new potential in the abrasion test according to BS 7069:1988. So now, far more than 20,000 double rubs document its exceptionally good result. Collectively, all the newly formulated GREBLON® PTFE coating systems show excellent abrasion resistance in tests along with improved surface design.

For the consumer as well as the manufacturer they offer a convincing new performance spectrum both in use and in processing.

  • Improved surface with a more brilliant finish
    reduced haze resulting in less marking
  • Improved applications characteristics
    including a greater application window
  • Clear improvement in abrasion resistance
    proved in ATP, StiWA and BS abrasion tests
  • Better non-stick characteristics
    proved in the fried egg test
  • Next stage of development in ecological sustainability
    PFOA free since 2008 and now also APEO free

Three coat system GREBLON® C3+ with more than 20,000 double rubs in accordance with BS 7069:1988.


Economically a real choice: improved ceramic coating systems from GREBLON® C