For the first time, GREBLON® C is offering two ceramic coating systems for cookware. A worthwhile advantage. For, along with the well-known but now significantly improved two coat system GREBLON® CK2, a ceramic one coat system in GREBLON® quality is available for the first time.

Whilst the two coat can now demonstrate a clear extension of the non-stick effect as well as additional advantages in abrasion resistance following improved formulation, the one coat GREBLON® CK1 guarantees a new dimension in cost efficiency. And although with a full range of colours, it can’t offer the colour effects (metallic etc) of the brilliant two coat systems, its one single coat provides precisely the excellent performance characteristics that the consumer is accustomed to from previous two coat ceramic systems; extremely hard and scratch resistant, enormously temperature resistant and a brilliant surface. Thus GREBLON® CK1 attains the usual high standards in performance characteristics and in the application process achieves the speed and simplification of a one coat system.

So today, GREBLON® C coatings systems based on sol-gel technology offer a real choice in economically brilliant solutions.


  • Speeds up the application process
    considerably reduced stoving times
  • Noticeably improved application characteristics
    less sensitive to variations in substrate roughness



  • Noticeably improved abrasion resistance
    proved in ATP, StiWA and BS abrasion tests
  • Better long-term non-stick effects
  • Improved application characteristics
    including a greater application window

Economical one coat with glossy finish and faster processing.

Brilliant two coat with noticeably improved long-term non-stick characteristics and improved abrasion resistance.


Convincingly brilliant and tough: improved PTFE-coating systems from GREBLON® C.